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Basketball as a Form of Exercise

Daniel Rich Galinson presently serves Solutran in Plymouth, Minnesota, as a national account executive. Outside of the office, Daniel Rich Galinson enjoys leading a physically active lifestyle by playing basketball and running.
Basketball is not only an exciting game to watch and play, but also an excellent form of exercise for the whole body. The sport is primarily beneficial as a cardio workout. Over the course of a 48-minute game, professional players regularly run more than 2 miles. In 2012 Luol Deng led the NBA at 2.72 miles per game, while Gordon Hayward averaged 2.4 miles in 2014.
Although amateur players may run less, the sport requires the body to remain in essentially constant motion, including numerous sprints downcourt. In addition to burning calories and improving stamina through the cardio workout involved, the sport supports strong bones and healthy muscle systems in both the upper and lower body.
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