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The Decades Collide at the Varsity Theater

Daniel Rich Galinson

With decades of experience in the payments, technology, and services industries, Daniel Rich Galinson serves as national account executive of Solutran in Plymouth, Minnesota. Alongside his career, Daniel Rich Galinson appreciates a wide variety of musical genres and enjoys attending live concerts at venues such as the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Located near the University of Minnesota in the Dinkytown district, the Varsity Theater hosts a diverse range of film screenings and live performances. An internationally-renowned music venue, the theater has featured artists such as Brandi Carlile, Ghostface Killah, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, Regina Spektor, and The Civil Wars.
Upcoming music performances at the Varsity Theater include an event titled Decades Collide: 80's vs 90's. Featuring Biz Markie as the DJ, the event begins at 9 PM on Friday, June 1st, with doors opening an hour before. Only ages 18 and above may attend and must show a valid ID.
To purchase tickets for the Decades Collide event, or to learn more about other upcoming performances, visit

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